[LMB] LQ #37: IIlyan (Mon. Oct. 13th)

Michael R N Dolbear little.egret at mrdolbear.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 00:23:42 BST 2008

> From: Peter Granzeau <pgranzeau at cox.net>
> Date: 14 October 2008 17:03

> Regardless that his job (head of ImpSec) was easily the job of a General.
> I still think Illyan had a civilian appointment as head of ImpSec, and
just brought along the military rank he'd had prior to that appointment,
not bothering to change it.

You (with Elizabeth Holden) think you know beter than Gregor then ?

Gregor says Illyan is a serving officer.

"I happen to have an opening for a new Chief of Imperial Security,
this week." 
Neutrally, Miles cleared his throat. "So?" 
"Do you want it? While it has traditionally been held by a serving military
officer, there is no law whatsoever saying I can't appoint a civilian to
the task."

Little Egret

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