[LMB] Feminism and Frills (was Changing Bujolds)

marna at marna.ca marna at marna.ca
Sun Oct 26 21:12:54 GMT 2008

I don't wear clothes I can't move in, BUT.

It's all what you're used to.

I can run in high heels. I can run up stairs in high heels. There's not a
lot I can't do in heels, actually, though I confess I don't wear stilettos
anymore; I had a stress fracture last year, hiking, and it's going to
limit my pretty-shoe-wearing for another year or so yet. But I don't feel
especially vulnerable in them.

And I wear skirts a lot. Nice, roomy, practical skirts, which one may put
long johns under in winter if desired, that are suitable for walking,
gardening, climbing, and working in. And, sometimes, dressier skirts, that
have to be treated with some care and respect.

I'm well aware of the unpleasantness of the dress codes that used to
enforce discomfort and immobility - not to mention uncomfortable degrees
of exposure - on women, but -- baby, bathwater. I didn't become a feminist
so I could pretend to be a man.

Being female is pleasant, you know? And many socially-approved forms of
"performing female" are pleasant.

It's *sexism* that's vile.

Marna, who is learning to prevent hypothermia with string and sticks, this
month. I think it's called "knitting", and I cannot THINK why I resisted
it for so long.

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