[LMB] LQ #40: Curse of Chalion (Mon. Oct. 27th)

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:52:53 GMT 2008

>> List Question (LQ) #40: Curse of Chalion (Mon. Oct. 27th)
>> Do you like or dislike the book _Curse of Chalion_, and why?

I did not like it on first reading.  Not that it was bad - it just
didn't grab me as much. I think I was, inside, still looking too hard
for another Vorkosigan book, and not ready to appreciate it for what
it is.

On reread, I discovered hey, this is a great book, I love it!

I am finding that the Chalionverse books really show how much Lois is
a sculptor of words.  I've seen an analogy made, on the Baen boards?
that some writers are bricklayers, and some are sculptors.  It may
have been Ringo that made the analogy.  Certainly they were saying
Ringo's a bricklayer - nothing wrong with that in and of itself - and
Lois is a sculptor.

As such, they shine even brighter on reread.  The exact phrase that
rings through and means SO much... sometimes even more when  you know
what's coming.  Must make them absolutely difficult for translators.

Malfoy wrote
> It's the WGW stuff that doesn't grab me to the same degree as
> Lois' other worlds; I'm not really sure why that is.  My friend
> Tai thinks it's because I don't generally care for romance
> novels, although I like Heyer.  I think it's probably because
> there's not a lot of politics, myself.  My favourite books are
> the ones with evil politics and intrigues.

How interesting.  I find that there's lots of politics in the WGW
books - but it's bottom-up politics, the shifting grass-roots changes
that are happening in their society - correction, societies - not
high-level mover-and-shaker types, no.

Laura Gallagher

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