[LMB] Running vs ball sports

Stellan Lagerstrom stellanl at concinnity.se
Tue Oct 28 23:38:03 GMT 2008

>> Matija wrote:
>> Hmm. I like this story, but unless you had quite a few other runners or
>> riders at the beginning, to stop the horse you've cut out of the herd from
>> circling quickly round and disappearing back into safety amongst his
>> friends, I cannot see it working! Horses are very fast, and very determined
>> to follow their natural herd instincts! One person on foot could not stop a
>> horse from rejoining the herd, even if he was Usain Bolt!
This is, of course, the main reason for being in a herd, school, flock
etc. To make it as hard as possible for predators to tire out one

Francis Turner wrote:
> Which is the point. An unburdened human can keep going for longer and
> go further. Once the horse has galloped off from the herd the human
> can jog fast enough to keep him in view and catch him up every time he
Just remember that this assumes an endless plain. In hilly or wooded
terrain, good luck without a large party of well-coordinated hunters...


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