[LMB] Mispronunciation (was Re: OT: off topic (ish)

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Mon Sep 1 16:45:48 BST 2008

At 11:24 PM 8/31/2008, M. Haller Yamada wrote:
>LOL! Y'all, if you are going to say what you used to mispronounce, give us lazy-butts a break and include the "real" pronunciation. (We all promise to give people slack for regions dialects, right??)

While you might think, given the etymology, it should be AN tie PO dee ann, another pronunciation rule seems to insist that the stress should be on the second syllable from the end syllable and the one two before that, resulting in ann TIP oh DEE ann.

>This is kind of tired, but horse-divvers and whores-d-vores were big at my house. The or-durves also made an appearance.

I tried whores-duh-oover before I learned or-dures.  And "Horse's ovaries", but that was intentional.

British pronunciation of some words makes it to American, but not always.  Witness "Laboratory", which is la-BORE-a-tree in British, LAB-ra-tore-ee in American).

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