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Quoting Anton Sherwood <bronto at pobox.com>:

> What do y'all think about the bit at the end of Sundiver --
> Background: Earth is weak, and has (unsought) enemies. Earth has some
> underpopulated colonies.
> So: Earth's starships are crewed by women, most of whom are pregnant.
> This helps populate the colonies, and makes them more likely to run from
> a fight that they really can't afford.
> It's the sort of concept that makes me think, "Really neat, but it could
> also be totally bogus."  But I've never been able to get any discussion
> of it because most people Just Don't Get It; they tend to go "No,
> pregnant women don't have a special gift in winning space-battles,
> that's silly."  *slap!*

If one keeps in mind that the single most important goal is to spread  
humanity across the galaxy which requires healthy, functional colonies  
I find it to be brilliant.  Whether it could be made to work in actual  
fact I have no idea, but it's certainly a way to help enlarge a colony.

It would only work for well established colonies though.

It's been a long time since I read any of Brin's stuff.  I should go  
dig them out again.


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