[LMB] Fun mispronounciations

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Tue Sep 2 02:19:13 BST 2008

ELLINOR at aol.com wrote:
> Since I work in a school system, the opportunities for
> mispronounciations  are limitless.  One young man's parents named him
> "Shithead" - I am not  kidding you.  It was pronounced Sha-THEED. 
> Wouldn't you have loved to  been the teacher in his Kindergarten
> class?
> Also, a young girl from Nigeria who was born in a hospital.  Her 
> parents did not speak or read English.  Thus, when the nursery put her
>  nameplate on her crib, they thought the hospital had named her.  The 
> name?  "Female" or "Fee-MA-lee".

Stuff like this came up recently on the American Dialect Society mailing list, and 
a couple of relevant links were mentioned:


Jim Parish

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