[LMB] Mispronunciation

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 2 02:59:36 BST 2008

M. Haller Yamada wrote
> Oh, dear, Dorian, I hope I am not mis-remembering, but the big thing is
> that the "kat" in Ekaterine sounds like "cat." Miles mentions his dislike
> of the nickname, and I was like "huh? OK, I guess I can see that." But I
> have never met an Ekaterine in real life, so I was going by my tome-deaf
> pronunciation.
> OK, here goes (and correct me if I'm wrong on the other bits): eh-KAT-er-
> Een (stongest stress on the second syllable, slight stress on the "een").
> Micki
OK, now I'm curious - that's how I would pronounce it - but how were you
pronouncing it?

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