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Philip Johnson ptj at melesmeles.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 2 12:17:03 BST 2008

Eric Oppen wrote:
> Quoting Mireille <mireille719 at gmail.com>:
>> I'm from middle Georgia, and never heard it pronounced "Penny Lope" except
>> by small children running into the name for the first time--and I did know a
>> couple of Penelopes growing up: an older woman at my church as well as a
>> girl in my elementary school classes.
> I knew how it was pronounced...but then, I was a "Wacky Races" fan.
> Remember Penelope Pitstop, the girly-girl with a very girly car...with  
> a bunch of under-the-hood modifications that James Bond would have  
> been proud to own?
There is the case of two Royal Naval ships meeting; one signalled to the 
other: "Greetong from Penylope to Antellopee".

Phil the Badger

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