[LMB] Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 40, Issue 15

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Wed Sep 3 01:07:31 BST 2008

>>> Hydrogen is often cited as the car of the future but the majority
>>> of the proponents don't realize that hydrogen is only an energy
>>> TRANSFER fuel. It's not an energy source.

> Okay, here goes.  I'm going to sound like a complete idiot again.
> But isn't that true for any kind of fuel?  Even nuclear, on a
> bigger scale?

Well, yes, in the sense that the usual way to generate more uranium is 
by blowing up a star.  But on the more mundane scale, you don't have to 
do anything to uranium ore to make it give off energy (though it does 
need refining if you want to do more than warm your soup with it).

Ed's point is that all the hydrogen around us is already "burned". 
Before you can burn it in your car, you need to spend energy to "unburn" 
it; under ideal (impossible) conditions, what you get back is exactly 
what you put in.  -- Unless you have Mister Fusion, of course.

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