[LMB] Female "Heroes"

Kirsten Edwards carbonelle at juno.com
Wed Sep 3 06:41:17 BST 2008

The first action heroine I remember reading (on my own) is Eowyn, because I got LOTR for my 8th birthday, and prior to that it was all animal stories, all the time. Mares, vixens and lionesses don't count in this one, do they?

I don't suppose any of the former horse-mad girls on-list remember Wild Horse Annie from MUSTANG! with any fondness?

As for Herself's question about male heroines, she's playing games with us: English doesn't work that way. If we a set is unknown or known to be male; it's male. Only if it's known to be female does it get a feminine moniker.

Which yes, I know, isn't fair in any cosmic sense; but bugger that for a game of soldiers. If you start insisting on Language Purity, we'll lose fabu words like "aviatrix" and "editrix"

A pox on all language police!

Kirsten (piffling from the free seats) Edwards
"Infantem dormientem non movere"

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