[LMB] OT: Alternative Transport

Kirsten Edwards carbonelle at juno.com
Thu Sep 4 03:06:00 BST 2008

Our Englishman-errant came up with the perfectly 
dreamy idea of universal cars-for-hire; we can 
ban the automobile. Thus demonstrating once again 
that even the most peripatic of our cousins across 
The Pond really  have no idea just how big the 
U.S.A. really is: It's hard to imagine even if 
(like me) you've driven across it several times.

Maegara pointed out that his scheme would leave 
rural residents in the dust, giving examples.

The malfoy argued that one could retain limited 
private automobile access for the boonies, and 
ban the beasties in the cities.

And this is all well-and-good until you need to 
hire someone from the cities to provide regular 
services to said rural-ites. As in, there's very 
few librarians willing to make the 100-mile 
round trip loaded with books, gear & other 
sundry equipment up Hwy 2. If you took away our
work-horse cars (A Volvo station wagon and a 
Subaru Forester respectively) both the children's 
librarian and I would revolt. The youth of 
Skykomish could kiss our library services good-bye.
When the Powers that Be "allow" us our autos or
assign us the company vehicle, do you think They'd
spend the kind of money K. and I do to get the 
best and safest cars to do our jobs in? For
podunk County employees? Riiiiiiiight.

But I described James' idea as dreamy didn't I?

It is--he's just got the cart before the horse (in
another typically non-American way I might add)

Develop the car for hire such that ruralites and city
folk find it easier and cheaper and more convenient
(pick two) to hire out their car services ... and let
the "private auto" wither away of its own accord.

Oh, there'd be handfuls and pockets of Luddites and
people for whom the "pick two" didn't amount to even
"pick one," but they'd still be able to purchase 
what they need--niche markets do exist, after all--
especially if they're not illegal.

Gosh, it's crazy how some people are just bound-and
determined to decide for themselves what they need.
Those Americans!

Kirsten "I actually hate cars and driving with a flaming
purple passion" Edwards
"Infantem dormientem non movere"

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