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Thu Sep 4 17:57:55 BST 2008

Quoting kerry weisselberg <kerilli at gmail.com>:

> Gosh, where are these people who lose interest when you mention the word
> "biscuit" ?! Not around here, that's for sure...
> American cookies are soften than English biscuits, in my extensive and
> piggish experience.

Feh.  *This* American likes his cookies crunchy - chocolate chip,  
oatmeal, peanut butter, whatever.  Never did cotton to the soft type  

In examining recipes scones and American biscuits are largely  
interchageable.  Some folks like a bit of sugar in the dough, others  
don't.  Some use cream or butter, others use lard.

There's a lot to be said for a good lard biscuit (presuming you can  
find good lard though), but they are usually savory rather than sweet.

For a sweet biscuit butter is probably the way to go.  Add raisins,  
cinammon, or whatever you like if you want to be fancy.  I once had  
some with bits of orange peel and a sweet glaze that were very good.   
Mostly though they are plain with butter and whatever it pleases one  
to put on them.  I could go for a couple with pear butter right now.


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