[LMB] Fun mispronounciations

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu Sep 4 18:00:48 BST 2008

Kerry said:

> > I know of one girl (white, English, very
> > well-to-do family) who is called
> > Candida. I know this is a Shaw play, but I think
> > it's also the a yeast infection, is it not? Not surprisingly, 
> > she is known by a nickname...!

"Candida" meant/means "white" in Latin, so it's sort of like calling someone Bianca or Blanche.  It has been a popular name from time to time over the centuries, usually meant to imply purity or innocence or other things that 'white' might be metaphorical for.  (Like Voltair's "Candide".)  

Its use to refer to a common yeast disease is fairly recent, but may discourage people from using the name in future.


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