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I think this is a population density/driving expectation difference.
Brooklyn has a lot of people who drive and a lot who don't.  The major
grocery stores (and the minor ones) deliver.  Some deliver free after
$50 or so of purchases; some charge up to $5 for delivery.  When I lived
in Sacramento, California - a city - I don't recall any grocery store


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> Alayne talked about getting groceries delivered by the store:
> > Where do you live?  
> Ottawa, Ontario.
> > There used to be an internet-based service, but it died, and if any 
> > Ohio grocery stores offer the service, they're not advertising the 
> > fact.
> Surely they must. What would single elderly people do?  As a 
> teen, I did all the grocery shopping for my family and 
> usually had it delievered.  I don't think there's a 
> supermarket in the area that doesn't deliver - usually for a 
> fee, but it's always a reasonable fee.
> Maybe this is another city/country difference.
> namaste,
> Elizabeth
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