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On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 2:05 PM, Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:

> Meg said she enjoyed the drive across country and added:
> > > And I absolutely hate having to feel guilty
> > > about it.  Can't there
> > > be an environmentally-friendly way to travel that
> > > doesn't take this away from me?
> That's what we're hoping, and there are good ways to do it. Which is why
> it's all worth discussing.  Do you feel the need to be in your own car -
> would a rental vehicle still give you the same pleasure?

In my case, no.  And that's in part because of the relationship I have with
machine itself.  Like I can tell the instant the sewing machine in the shop
runs out of bobbin thread just by the subtle change of pitch.  I can tell it
the person running the machine does because that's the way I work with
machinery.  I can tell the health and status of my vehicles because I've
so much time with them.  My mom just gave me one of her older cars and I've
been enjoying fixing the little things that are wrong with it, but it still
feels like
a stranger.  And to be honest, it takes any driver several months before
reflexes are used to the handling of a new vehicle, no matter how good their
skills are to begin with.

I agree with Malfoy though, I consider it a crime that the US culture is so
car-centric.  Growth without thought has led us to the point where we are so
dependent on them that it marginalizes those who cannot drive for whatever
reasons.  I just don't want to see the pendulum swing so far the other
way either.
That growth is also responsible for a large part of the other bit that
me, fracturing of the landscapes.  Developers split properties and bulldoze
habitat because they can, and because money is made that way, and it
raises property values to the point where larger landowners cannot afford
to own land just to let it sit and be natural.

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