[LMB] LQ #29: Nurture vs. Nature

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Madame Michenko was the musician. Her husband was head of the quaddie project. I've wished to have been a fly on the wall when she gave him her opinion of his omission of the arts in the quaddies education. Inviting her to tea with Cordelia and the professora would be a Good Thing.

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> Whoo-boy, I think we see a lot of genetic determinism in the Vorkosigan books -- and to some extent in the WGW. (We see that being a "maker" runs in Dag's family.) I can't think of any examples off-hand from the 5-Gods.
> But the genetic determinism is played with a lot more in the Vorkosigan books. Miles has an embarrassment of riches as far as genetic gifts go. Some are not viable, thanks to his damage. In many ways, his path echoes that of his father's, and possibly his grandfather's as well -- going from a background in tactics and strategy, to using it on a political stage (how much is genetic, and how much is the result of being a Count's Heir?)
> Sometimes the genetic gifts are not fully developed -- take Rene's musical gifts; he has developed them to some extent, but his "real job" is being a count's heir/count.
> And, then there's how some genetic gifts need a good dose of nurture in order to develop -- the Quaddies musical skills got a huge lift when (sorry, my mind is going blank, but someone's wife was a music professor? and taught them???).
> On a closer level, there's a lot of playing with the X and Y chromosomes (genetic gifts), and how things change. Look at Bel and Dono.
> Interesting question -- I wonder if I have time to develop this into a real answer (-:. 
> Micki

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