[LMB] OT: speed limits

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sat Sep 6 19:31:43 BST 2008

Bill Wenrich:
> There is a reason why opposition to "55" was centered in the western 
> states.
> Conditions are not the same everywhere.

When I first moved to Montana in 1993, I got caught speeding (I think I was 
going about 65 on a 55-by-federal-mandate highway) by a highway patrol 
officer.  The penalty was a $5 ticket, payable to the officer on the spot. 
I thought, yeah, right, he's just padding his paycheck, but I checked the 
codes when I got back to work at the library, and yes, that was Montana's 
way of thumbing its nose at the federal government and still getting its 
highway funding.

Montana is the fourth biggest state in the United States, and 44th in 
population.  There's a *lot* of empty space out there, especially in the 
eastern part of the state.


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