[LMB] LQ #30: Laisa as Empress

Louann Miller louann at millerdome.com
Mon Sep 8 14:41:23 BST 2008

Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> You know what I think might be difficult?  Getting used to marriage.  Becuase it's difficult for a lot of people, even those deeply in love. Gregor is a reserved and quiet man accustomed to both power and independence.  
That's a good point. I don't think Gregor would have been able to dodge 
the matchmaking bullet so long, even with his fears of inbreeding, if he 
wasn't the kind of person able to live alone and like it. (I think we 
have a couple of people on this list who qualify, such as Malfoy and 
Oppen; expert opinions about Gregor in this light are solicited, hint hint.)

It's not impossible to make the shift to a two-person lifestyle, but 
it's work. It would be awful if Gregor and Laisa somehow missed that 
catch early in their marriage -- perhaps while overwhelmed by their dual 
schedules -- and didn't quite synch while not being completely aware of 
what had gone wrong. Because those same dual/duelling schedules could 
mask the problem for quite some time.

Louann, not a real-world royal watcher but vaguely aware that this was 
probably a Chuck&Di factor.

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