[LMB] transport subsidies

JenL jenl1625 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 13:14:12 BST 2008

On 9/8/08, Ed Burkhead <ed at edburkhead.com> wrote:
> Jen wrote:
>> I understand that some regulation is necessary (emissions
>> output, etc.), but I wish it were more sensible (regulating
>> the emissions of my Taurus, while not regulating the emissions
>> of the bus and semi I'm traveling behind, doesn't make much
>> sense to me) and more limited to keeping people safe.
> Strange.  I knew a few years ago Caterpillar's engine division was really
> happy because their new, especially-clean diesel engine line was one of the
> first to exceed the government's tightened requirements for emissions.  They
> were very happy that they would be increasing their market share.  (Cat
> world headquarters is located here in Peoria.)
> I, too, hated the old standards that allowed gobs of large, black
> particulates and horrible smells.
> Is it just my nose aging and failing or aren't trucks and busses getting
> lots cleaner?

Well, they may be getting cleaner, but when you have to walk past a
line of 5 of them sitting in a row, idling, waiting for the school
kiddies on a field trip to finish watching the Christmas play, it's


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