[LMB] Robert Heinlein's form letter

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 01:58:49 BST 2008

>> Eric Oppen wrote:
>> C) To tell him that I'd been in the People's Republic of China,
>> and that he had been absolutely right to recommend learning the
>> language before going to any such place.

The more unusual the letter, the more likely you are to get a personalized letter back.  What Eric wrote was quite unusual.

> Matija responded:
> It is certainly sound advice. I'd go even further: it is good
> to learn as much as possible of the language before going to
> ANY place where foreign languages are spoken. If it is not
> practical, I have a shortlist of phrases that I try to learn
> if I everything else fails.
> In order of ascending importance, they are
> How much?
> Hello.
> Thank you.
> Where is the toilet?
> Only half kidding,

Add "Please point" (because you won't understand the instructions), "excuse me (get out of my way/sorry to bump you" and "excuse me (I want your attention" and you've got my standard phrase list.

Not kidding at all,
(74+4 countries and going strong)


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