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> List Question (LQ) #31: Sharing Knife Series (Tues. Sept.9th)
> What do you like about the Sharing Knife series?

I've always had a thing for apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction.   
I didn't get into the Sharing Knife stories until Diana contrived to  
read it aloud to me in the car (I don't have a lot of fiction reading  
time anymore) so got caught up in it that way.

The better "long in the past apocalypse" fiction allows one to piece  
together "what went before" bit by bit in the flow of the developing  
current time story.  As one begins to grasp what happened way back  
when a deeper understanding develops of why matters are the way they  
are in the present time.

At first I was a bit put off by Dag acting the idiot with Fawn, but  
gradually it started to become clear that change was going to have to  
come because their current system of coping was not going to be equal  
to the task for very much longer.  The Lake Walkers are going to have  
to grasp their nettle sooner or later and as the Farmers continue  
their spread further into the north it’s looking like it’s going to  
have to be sooner.  This is going to cause a lot of change in both  
societies.  I still think he has gone a little too far a little too  
fast but I'm sure the author will reckon with that in the final book.


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