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Thu Sep 11 19:42:02 BST 2008

On 9/11/08, Aratlithiel <Aratlithiel at lightindarkplaces.net> wrote:
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> See, this is what confused me.  I'm not arguing the point, because I
> honestly don't know the answer.  But since gender is defined as 'the
> behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one
> sex' (M-W),

In a race/species/culture in which male and female are the only options, and
historically you were stuck with what you were born with, we traditionally
limit "gender" to male or female.

But that's a result of our assumptions, and wouldn't necessarily carry over
to definitions of gender on, for example, Beta Colony, where there are male,
female, and hermaphrodite, at least.  (Is there also a neuter?)  I don't
think anyone there would agree with a definition of "gender" as limited and
permanent as "what sex organ were you born with".

Even in our real world, "male or female" gender assumptions just don't
address people who have a set of behaviors/traits (and feelings about
themselves) not normally associated with their physical sexual organs.  And
I don't see how we could really fully accept those who don't fall into
traditional male/female categories until we accept that "male/female" is an
artificially limited social construct when you're talking about anything
other than the sexual organs themselves.

(Sorry, will get off my soapbox now.)


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