[LMB] Food riff

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 20:19:55 BST 2008

> Marilyn wrote: 
> The main issue I have with the huge megamarts is they 
> frequently will not have the giant wonderful grocery
> stores in 'slum' areas, forcing people to depend on
> convenience stores for their foods. Just because they
> won't make the same sort of profit margin as plunking
> down in a nice well off suburb.

I agree about the lack of groceries in poor neighborhoods is a big problem.  But do you know what the typical profit margin of a chain supermarket is?  It's hair thin - about 2% for a large chain.  They make airlines look like big spenders with fat margins.

Sidenote: I had a friend, a fellow management consultant, who started out as a supermarket industry analyst.  When he switched to oil & gas consulting (Exxon, et al), he was in hog heaven.  What used to be a client's total annual profit, became his new client's rounding error.

> Marilyn also wrote:
> as to HFCS being a metabolic poison - I don't have trouble
> believing it

Can Marilyn, or anyone else, offer proof that HFCS is worse than other sugars?  I know that it's in a lot of food that's bad unhealthy and therefore by avoiding it we avoid a lot of unhealthy foods.  But is this causation (HFCS is worse than other forms of sugar) ocorrelationon (it happens to be the form of sugar that's used in these unhealthy foods)?

- Harimad
who likes Marilyn's "if I won the lottery" idea


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