[LMB] Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 40, Issue 88

Rhonda Cash crochetycat at cox.net
Fri Sep 12 00:36:57 BST 2008

On Sep 11, 2008, at 3:38 PM, Natali Vilic wrote:

> Peter Granzeau wrote:
>> One supposes that Ekaterin prefers to correspond with her family only
>> through the medium of letters.  Or is it that they wear armour in her
>> presence?
> Ekaterin only got courage to oppose to her family after she got
> involved with Miles, who encouraged her to "wish for a planet".
> And her family stepped back only after an audience with
> Gregor. Remember what difficulties she encountered when
> she brought Nikki to the hospital on Komarr? Without a Lord
> Audit on her side, they would send her away and Nikki would
> not get the help he needed. Because she is a woman and those
> are the rights of women in Barrayar. Legally.
> So, since Gregor was actually brought up by Cordellia, Laisa
> will be treated with a due respect. But not because he has
> some actual legal power.

Umm, Peter was making a play on words of the typo "mail" for "male" in  
the original post.


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