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Reading this late.  Tricyclics are NOT good for any one with bipolar  
pproblems.  Fred Goodwin, M.D. former head of NIMH and co-author of the  only major 
compendium on BPD (now second edition) did a review of stats on this  and as 
more and more antidepressants came into use the incidence of BPD episodes  
increased. Not to say that some people with BPD don't need ADs, but only from  
someone who is closely following the person.  Ask the Doc who has dealt  with your 
BPD in the past.  Neurologists are frequently not up on lit  outside their 
speciality (examp: Mellaril for depression because it was in thee  PDR) 
Julian (who is a semi-specialist in using psych meds - I' not a biochem  
person, just LOTS of experience with very sick people)
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*waves* Hey all... I haven't had much  time to post lately, so my apologies
for that. I'll get back to regular,  once I can, but I've had fun watching
all of you enjoying yourselves. And  yum, recipes! :)

So, here's the thing. I've been prescribed  nortriptyline for treatment of
chronic neuropathic pain, and I'm wondering  about what will happen.

I've been prescribed 10mg daily, but the doctor  said I don't have to start
taking it yet as I have a busy couple of weeks  ahead and it's best that I
not be sedated at all for those. Having tried a  single dose of amitriptyline
and been knocked out for 18 hours straight by  it, on just 10mg, and made a
zombie for 24 hours *after *that, I'd sort of  like to know in advance... I
know nortriptyline supposedly gives a lesser  degree of sedation. How long is
this going to make me sleep at a time?  That's what I'm wondering - well, one
thing. The other... I know some of my  fellow listees may have some idea
about this... what effect might  nortriptyline have on rapid-cycling bipolar
II (for which I'm not currently  medicated)?

Thanks in advance, all of you! :)

Tria  xx

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