[LMB] Food riff...Re: OT: Transportation and others (long)

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 09:13:13 BST 2008

 Malfoy wrote:

But what I have noticed is that high-glycemic index foods make
self-control more difficult.  If I eat more than a little bit of
them, I want more.  Also, sugar crash!

Yes, I agree with this, but I'd add, protein and fat make most people
(including me) feel full fairly quickly, whereas carbohydrates, especially
the 'bad' type (high GI), do not turn off the hunger very quickly... as you
say, they make you want more. (One pringle?! I don't think so... oops,
that's a whole tube gone.)
The 'feeling full' part is important - I firmly believe that a lot of people
who have become overweight were just slaves to their hunger pangs. Learning
how to control them is a big deal, imho!


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