[LMB] Cordelia and the Head in a Shopping Bag

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Sat Sep 13 21:41:16 BST 2008

Quoting Judy R Johnson <jrj at fidalgo.net>:

> Seems to me that the desperately ill Bothari was beyond political
> calculation - he said to Cordelia:  "You decide" and to Kou he grinned, "I
> am My Lady's dog."  He was buried at the foot of her prospective grave, and
> to honor both his coping mechanism and his faithful service was not an
> accident; Cordelia was/is honorable in personal as well as public matters.

This is what I meant when I said earlier that if *Cordelia* asked him  
to Bothari would likely have chopped off anyone's head with the  
exception of Aral's.  "Blood washes away sin."  They shared a very  
special relationship between them.  She showed him a way out of Hell  
so he was forever after "My Lady's dog."

Bothari was a monster, but he was *her* monster.  By the point they  
all met up in the bedchamber Vordarian was as desperate as Cordelia,  
but proved to be second best in the race of the quick and the dead.   
After Kareen died it was down to literal "kill or be killed" so  
Cordelia employed the only weapon she had left to save what she could  
while sacrificing only what she must - Bothari as both the weapon and  
the sacrifice.  "Seargent, kill me that man!" Fortunately she was able  
to hold him together well enough afterwards for them all to get away.


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