[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sun Sep 14 14:48:55 BST 2008

[The stout fellow comes on stage wearing, not academic robes, but the 
Stuart tartans to which he is entitled. Ben follows, similarly garbed. A 
couple of sprites circle overhead.]

Laddies and lassies, today is a braw day indeed.

[The buzzing of the sprites takes on a distinctly razzberry-ish quality. 
The stout fellow glares at them.]

All right, no fake accent, I'm sorry. Today is the forty-fourth birthday of 
Glaswegian listie Elizabeth Carabine. Though she missed out on the 
festivities at Denvention, she is looking forward this month to a vacation 
in Canada, where I expect she will encounter more than a few of our 
northern listmembers. Elizabeth, here's to a glorious birthday, a 
wonderful trip, and a happy and prosperous year!

[The stout fellow takes a pouch from his belt and tosses it to one of the 
sprites. It dives to catch it, evading Ben's excited leap before speeding 
down the aisle and heading for Scotland.]

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