[LMB] OT: gender applied to inanimate objects

Dorian E. Gray dorianegray at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 18:57:34 BST 2008

Harimad said...
> I'll see your "bureau" and raise you one "dresser."

That one used to confuse me dreadfully when I was younger and reading US 
books - to me, a dresser is a piece of kitchen furniture, with cupboards and 
drawers below and shelves above, for storing crockery and such.  I finally 
figured out from context that your "dresser" is my "dressing table"...or is 
it?  A dressing table has drawers below and a mirror above - if the item 
doesn't have a mirror, it's a chest of drawers.  So which is your dresser? 
Or do you use the term for both pieces of furniture?

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian (who loves language).
Dorian E. Gray
dorianegray at gmail.com

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- William Hazlitt 

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