[LMB] Duration of the time of Isolation

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at mac.com
Tue Sep 16 17:10:38 BST 2008

At 1:08 PM +0100 9/16/08, Rob Hymer wrote:
>I'm just having a go at some fic of my own, but I've run into a problem; how
>long was the Time of Isolation? The Wikipedia entry, the only solid figure
>I've found so far, suggests 200 years but that seems way too short for the
>die-back of technical civilisation and culture that the books suggest. I
>would have thought something 2-3 times longer than that seemed likelier.
>Ideas, anybody?

I've got a file on notes in my "possible FAQ updates" folder that has this:

"Only a short time between the first 50000 people arrived and
the wormhole closing (a year or two) and then 700 years of
time of isolation. Wormhole opened back up about 100 years
before Miles's time."

 From the file, this appears to be a discussion with Lois at a
con panel.  But the file has no provenance beyond its computer
date of July 2005, so I don't know at what panel, what con,
etc.  Which is probably why I stalled on getting this into
the Plot FAQ.  But now that I've dug it back up to current
awareness, I'll try to verify the info and get it into the FAQ.


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