[LMB] Birthday + MiniLoisCon Reports

Elizabeth Carabine elizabeth at cheztaft.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 21:51:13 BST 2008

In article <48CCCFF7.24016.13283C at localhost>, Jim Parish 
<jparish at siue.edu> writes
>All right, no fake accent, I'm sorry. Today is the forty-fourth birthday of
>Glaswegian listie Elizabeth Carabine. Though she missed out on the
>festivities at Denvention, she is looking forward this month to a vacation
>in Canada, where I expect she will encounter more than a few of our
>northern listmembers. Elizabeth, here's to a glorious birthday, a
>wonderful trip, and a happy and prosperous year!
>[The stout fellow takes a pouch from his belt and tosses it to one of the
>sprites. It dives to catch it, evading Ben's excited leap before speeding
>down the aisle and heading for Scotland.]
Thank you very much.
Ian had to work over the weekend in Cumbria and we decided to make a 
trip of it so my birthday was spent wandering around the Lake District 
and later enjoying an Eliza Carthy gig.

As it happens, we were in Canada at the end of last month as no fewer 
than five listies can testify. At the start of our Ottawa visit there 
was a scone (!) lunch (at The Sconewitch, highly recommended) where we 
met up with Elizabeth, Joel and Alayne. Before we left town we met for 
pho (what else) with Elizabeth, Alayne and Marna. In Toronto we had 
lunch with Ross.

We discussed food, music, accents and the exchange of culture between 
the UK and Canada. Thanks to the many recommendations for the best book 
and record shops in town, I'm still getting through the pile (30) of 
paperbacks I brought home and Ian has a similar number of CDs :-).

Thanks again for the birthday wishes.
Elizabeth Carabine

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