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At 02:39 PM 9/16/2008, Rob Hymer wrote:
>Also from The Vor Game, where the captured Cavilo is escorted by two female
>Barrayaran Auxiliaries.
>Using the example of our own dear Queen (I should mention I'm English) she
>has visited plenty of male-only preserves. It would take a determined
>high-ranking officer to keep her out...determined on career suicide, at

Could the House of Commons refuse her majesty entrance?
Regards, Pete
pgranzeau at cox.net 


Certainly, it's the major privilege of parliament. I don't think they would,
though, I mean look what happened last time...
It would also put the fascinatingly-named Black Rod, whose main purpose is
to knock on the doors of the House of Commons at the State opening of
Parliament with a, well, Black Rod (while wearing a very fetching wig) out
of a job. And where would he find other work? (wanted, situation for a tall
man in outré black clothing. Strong experience in door-knocking, own tools


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