[LMB] So what are you reading just now?

Elizabeth Carabine elizabeth at cheztaft.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 20 19:51:48 BST 2008

Obviously I'm looking forward to The Vorkosigan Companion but it's a 
long time till December despite the decorations appearing the shops. 
Glasgow Borders has Lois as 'Author of the Month' in the SF section.

Jo Walton's 'Half a Crown' is on order and I picked up Pratchett's 
'Nation' last night.

Just finished Ellen Klages' 'The Green Glass Sea' which I thoroughly 
enjoyed. The story of Dewey who travels to join her father at Los Alamos 
where he's a mathematician working on The Gadget.

Discovered Rosemary Kirstein's Steerswoman series earlier in summer and 
am now hoping for book 5.

Catherine Muir got me hooked on Laurie R King this summer by lending me 
the first book each of the Mary Russell and Kate Martinelli series. I'm 
now alternating the Mary Russell books with my other reading material.

It dawned on me that I'm looking for books by the same names in 
bookshops. Any new-to-me authors have been due to recommendations (and 
usually a book pressed into my hand, thanks Catherine) from friends or 
people on the list.

So. Have you read something lately or are you reading something just now 
that you 'must' recommend to others? My bookshelves are groaning already 
but that's what they're there for :-)

Elizabeth Carabine

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