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At 12:55 PM 9/20/2008, Eric Oppen wrote:
>Quoting anmar mirza <anmar.mirza at gmail.com>:
>> Ah yes, spotty memory strikes again.  What was the name of the
>> immensely large cannon they made in WWII that they never
>> used (or used much if at all)?  It was one that had to have special
>> rail tracks laid for it?
>I think you're thinking of "Dora."  That gun played a part in Harry  
>Turtledove's series about an alien invasion in the middle of  
>WWII---the Lizards' ships were well-shielded against _missiles,_ but  
>when their radar picked up a shell from that bad girl...anti-missile  
>measures were no good at all.

Evidently, records on the 80cm cannons were spotty.  The first one, was called "Gustav", and was used at Sevastopol, enough to wear out the barrel (a spare had been brought along), which was returned to Krupp for relining.  The second was called "Dora" and seems to have been sent to Stalingrad, but records on its use were lost.  One of them was found, destroyed and scattered along 50 km of railroad, in 1945 near Chemnitz.  The second, if you ask me, was probably captured, and is stored someplace in the Ural mountains.

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