[LMB] OT: Science & Technique of Pie Crusts

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at mac.com
Sun Sep 21 05:23:45 BST 2008

At 9:11 PM -0700 9/20/08, Ann Sharp wrote:
>Harimad :
>  > The Science Of Pie Crusts, And A Fool-Proof Recipe...
>       What, no vodka?

I was going to mention the vodka myself!

 From a Cooks Illustrated (the scientist's and engineer's
cooking magazine) article:

"Finally, we tackled the tenderness issue, which is partially 
determined by the amount of water added. The conundrum? In order to 
roll easily, dough needs more water, but more water makes crusts 
tough. We found the answer in the liquor cabinet: vodka. While gluten 
(the protein that makes crust tough) forms readily in water, it 
doesn't form in ethanol, and vodka is 60 percent water and 40 percent 
ethanol. So adding 8 tablespoons of vodka produces a moist, 
easy-to-roll dough that stays tender (because it contains only 6 1/2 
tablespoons of water). The alcohol vaporizes in the oven."


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