[LMB] Reading ricochets

Aratlithiel Aratlithiel at lightindarkplaces.net
Sun Sep 21 23:02:07 BST 2008

>>> I (Harimad) wrote:
>>>  Repeated attempts have shown me that I can't stand the Arthurian 
>>> Legend,
>>> mostly because I hate seeing people throw away a good thing for dumb 
>>> reasons.
>> Becca wrote:
>> Oh, I thought I was the only one! Repeated exposure to the Arthurian 
>> legends
>> in various formats rapidly took me from "oh, how romantic!" to "how 
>> incredibly
>> stupid - didn't these people *think*?"
> I haven't finished a single version I've attempted: Le Morte d'Arthur, the 
> Once & Future King, the Mists of Avalon; you name it, I haven't finished 
> it.
> - Harimad

Ever tried Mary Stewart's version?  (The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, The 
Last Enchantment and The Wicked Day)  I haven't read the series in years, 
but I remember quite liking it -- once in my teens and then again in my 
twenties.  I think her treatment was unique; she worked from Merlin's PoV 
and had a different take on the magic of the day than most.


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