[LMB] So what are you reading just now?

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Quoting Rob Hymer <rob.hymer at ntlworld.com>:

> I'm back at university in a fortnight's time so I'm getting as much
> reading out of the way as possible. At the moment I'm reading:

> John Biggin's 'A Sailor of Austria', and old, old favourite of mine, a
> of benign mix of O'Brien and McDonald Fraser set in the Great War, funny,
> sad and incident packed. A fantastic source of fic material to list
> and a surprisingly informative book, especially if you want to recover
> petrol poisoning or transport a camel by submarine.

You do know that there are four sequels---well, three sequels and one  
prequel---out?  They're being republished in the US; the original  
publisher really let them die on the vine---didn't advertise them or  
push them at all.  *grumble*

The author says he'd like to write more, but his experience with  
publishers has been such that he's gone back to teaching and technical  


Yes, and I've got four of them;
A Sailor of Austria
The Emperor's Coloured Coat
The Double-Headed Eagle
Tomorrow the World

Is there a fifth one that I've missed? Could I be that lucky? I read on a
website somewhere that he had a fifth book in note form but I didn't realise
that it had been released.
It's a huge shame that this series didn't get the backing it deserved.
There's something wrong with a world where John Grisham makes a fortune and
John Biggins goes back to being a tech author. Grrrr.

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