[LMB] Gabaldon, was So what are you reading just now?

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Tue Sep 23 01:32:05 BST 2008

> Yep, that'd be me.  Really I can't imagine any late 20th or early
> 21st century medical professional of any stripe preferring to
> live in the past, and then there are all the little niggles.
> In general time travel is not for me.
> ~malfoy :)

Well, she does time travel from just after WWII, so late 1940s, not 1990s or 
2000s.  And I thought it was interesting what she chose to take with her the 
<spoiler>.  But yeah, that part is problematic.

who enjoys time travel books as a general rule 

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