[LMB] OT: Science & Technique of Pie Crusts

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Sep 24 15:51:45 BST 2008

On 9/24/2008 Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>  Easiest thing to do is cut it from the brick-shaped thing that's a
>  pound.  Half a pound (just cut it in the middle) is a cup. Most
>  packages are marked so you know where to cut to get a cup, a
>  half-cup, a quarter-cup, and so on.

I think much of the confusion comes from liquid and dry ounces.   
Recognizing that these are often different means that we aren't sure 
that a half-pound of butter is a cup.  

Of course, experience can teach us when a measurement is "close 
enough".    Recipes don't have us put in 95/100 of a cup of flour - 
being that precise doesn't make sense.   Especially since the original 
cook didn't use chemical formulae to match everything perfectly 
according to theory.

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