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On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Tony Zbaraschuk wrote:

> Pagan <> tolerant
> (as the Roman Senate's suppression of the Bacchae, among other
> cases, might tend to show.)

The Bacchae were kind of a dangerous cult, if they're what I'm
thinking of.  Getting drunk and disorderly and committing
craziness in the streets.

IDK.  Is it religious intolerance if you're not willing to
tolerate religious cults that are dangerous?  Should we put up
with those varieties of extremist Islam AND Christianity that
advocate theocratic takeover of governments?  What about
polygamy?  (I have NO PROBLEM with you marrying as many wives as
you can get to have you...provided they're all over the local age
of consent and have been given proper educations, of course,
which isn't what happens in some of these crazy sects.)  And no,
this is not US Politics, these problems exist in many places,
there is a real problem with polygamy cults in Canada and Mexico

Should we tolerate the use of dangerous drugs?  I'm fine with
native people using peyote &c in their own communities under
supervision, not so fine with religious belief systems that
advocate public drunkenness in the streets.

I'm all for complete freedom for people to believe whatever they
want.  But your freedom to believe what you want goes as far as
it affects you.  Should your beliefs make you think you should
get to control what I do with my own body, make you think you
have the right to run amuck in the streets and damage property,
make you think you have the right to raise your daughter in
ignorance and marry her off to her cousin at 14, make you think
you should run my government and take away the freedom of other
people to raise their children in their own religion (provided
they are educated and taught skills that will allow them to
function in society should they change their minds as adults),
then that I have a problem with.

As far as I am concerned Rome shouldn't have been throwing
religious dissenters to lions, but "let's get drunk and do it in
the road" is not okay behaviour in any society and I see no
reason why they should have had to put up with it.

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