[LMB] Mirror Dance - yes or no

Stewart Dean sdean7855 at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 27 14:40:11 BST 2008

> "Bothari, execute this man for me, please."
> If she weren't honest, honorable, and compassionate, she'd 
> be terrible beyond reckoning.
And like knives of  turtles in the world of Korval, her compassion is is
so finely sharp, the cut itself can't be felt; it is the gasp-epiphany
the next instant as the recipient *sees* him or herself.  Cordelia in
this aspect is the (spiritual) mirror in which one is truly revealed.
If you turn aside from the vision, you have damned yourself.  The vision
*is* ineluctably terrible beyond measure.

Vordarian has failed that test and and many before; his decapitation has
all the inevitability of an object falling under the influence of
gravity.  There are natural laws of the psyche just as there are those
of physics.

Yes, Carole, Vordarian got between Cordelia and her child, but his end
is has all the inevitability of car crash on an iced-over road.  Once on
the ice, everything just happens; Bothari and Cordelia are instruments
of a destiny that Vordarian himself has crafted in pride, greed and
willfulness.   He is Lucifer falling from Heaven.

The best characters are archetypal...but as Heyer would say, 'I refine 
too much on it'

// Stewart Dean == Kingston, NY

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