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> (-: Oh, and I'd love to know much, much more about Aral's Betan ancestress -- how in the world did *she* get sucked into Barrayar? Cordelia was crazy in love . . . and slightly crazy, too, and I think that's how she wound up where she did.
> Looking from the outside, it just seems nuts what people do for love -- but seen from the inside, it seems to make perfect sense almost every step of the way . . . .

Hmmmm.... here are a few ideas about this.

That she was someone young and adventurous, who was thoroughly bored
by the Betan's free s*xual "scene."  And they met somehow (at a
reception???) and she, being unfamiliar with Barrayaran norms of
sexual propriety, asked Prince Xav a rather forward question, which
sent him reeling.  Or... he, looking at her, asked her in all
seriousness to describe her life on Beta, and she intrigued him with
her very blunt "oh, a lot of people sleep around, but it just seems
silly to me"  -- because she *assumed* he was asking about s*x
(because what else would a repressed Barrayaran ask about, the poor
man must be driven mad by the norms of his society!)

That it was a simple case of "love at first sight" and in spite of
dire warnings from all sides, they persisted.

That whatever objections the Barrayarans might have raised were
over-ruled by how *useful* a galactically aware wife would be to the
man they were sending out into the galaxy.

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