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(Quoting lots 'cuz I don't think it should be cut)

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> It's an interesting question, though. I wonder if Aral
> is happier as Viceroy than he was as PM -- I don't know
> if it's really an easier job, but I bet he'd have
> more scope for hands-on shaping of things.

Elizabeth Holden replied: 
Now, that's an interesting comment.  I'm not sure there's a difference... is there?  Maybe there's a difference and I just don't see it. What difference do you see?

Part of the problem is that I don't see, in the Barrayaran system, even under Gregor, what the responsibilities of the Prime Minister vis-a-vis the Emperor and the Imperium actually are.  It still isn't a constitutional monarchy... or a democratic parliamentary system... it's an oligarchy.  So what does the Prime Minister or the Viceroy do?  Orchestrate counts?

I picture the Viceroy as being very like an Imperial Auditor, actually.  Sent to be the Voice of the Emperor on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.



I instinctively see them as very different. The Prime Minister is the actually the head of his party in most countries, isn't he? So, he's jockeying with the other old, established politicians, and he can be ousted by his own party, or by a recall election.

Viceroy is appointed; and implies a new territory with not so many old boys -- more like the new, shining political leaders and the idealists. I feel like the Viceroy needs to argue less and gets to govern more. I don't think the Viceroy has as many powers as a Voice, and of course, he still needs to deal with a lot more other people, rather than being able to use the Voice as his Power of Last Resort.

I'm open to different interpretations, though..


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