[LMB] OT: cookbooks

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 30 16:13:11 BST 2008

Suzette writes:

"Frequently my recipes are the ingredients (including "pie crust", since 
I tend to make it before I make any pies anyway), the temperature and 
the time (for baking). Occasionally it will say "greased." If my 
daughter wants to use the recipe, it will have the order, and 
occasionally it will have ingredients bracketed (as in, "mix these 
together"). Primarily, the recipes I use most often are in my head. I 
wrote them down because I've heard so many stories of the "my mom made 
fabulous XXX, but she died, and I don't have the recipe." I figure if I 
get sick or something, the kids at least have recipes so they can make 
familiar dishes."

Your children will thank you some day, certainly after you are no longer 
available to ask.  Lately, my father [pushing 80] is going through a 
real childhood comfort food phase and I'm having to research on the net 
for ancestral foods I never knew existed.  I may write an article on 
Feeding a Family in the Depression Era after this.

Oh by the way, a friend and I are starting a food blog soon.  More when 
we have some content to show you.

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