[LMB] OT: AKICIF:Need new anti-virus program

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Wed Apr 1 15:01:05 BST 2009

A. Sasha Wagner-Adamo wrote:
> Hi all!
> Grisoft is discontinuing support for AVG 7.5 Free and I've heard 
> bad things about version 8.
> Does anybody have a recommendation for a good anti-virus 
> program that will play nice with the Zonealarm firewall, 
> Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D?
> Thanks,
> Sasha

They all have goods and bads, advantages and disadvantages.  I use 
ZoneAlarm Internet Security.  It seems about as good as any.

A feature/bug of it is that is is constantly asking for permission for 
things to run.  Like Windows Vista itself does, only different.  I 
consider this a plus, but if you hate interruptions, you will not like 
the highest security mode of ZoneAlarm Antivirus. This is in manual 
mode; there is a more automatic mode that attempts to make the decisions 
for you.

I endorse the free firewall software by ZoneAlarm, and recommend that 
you consider the full security suite.

Mark Allums

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