[LMB] OT: AKICIF:Need new anti-virus program

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 1 15:18:10 BST 2009

At 08:41 AM 04/01/2009 A. Sasha Wagner-Adamo wrote:
>Grisoft is discontinuing support for AVG 7.5 Free and I've 
>heard bad things about version 8.

What kind of bad things are you concerned about? Unless you're 
running an old version of Windows that isn't supported, I don't 
know of any reason not to use the current free version of AVG 
(which is 8.5 at this point). I've worked with it on many 
computers without seeing anything that should be a problem for 
the average user. The other free AV program that has a good 
reputation is Avast.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm 

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