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Wed Apr 1 18:34:48 BST 2009

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
> [LMB] Federations
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> Wed Apr 1 13:50:21 BST 2009
> So I got a notice from Amazon about this upcoming book "Federations"
> containing a short story called "Aftermaths" from our very own LMB, and was
> wondering, is that the story where they're laying out the bodies, the older
> one and the young one who's getting a lesson?
> LV
> *** Yep, it's a reprint.  Nothing new here, alas.  (At least from me.)
> Ta, L.

Do authors take requests?  I know there are things I'd like to see from 
many writers, e.g., Pratchett: a Discworld book with Ridcully's priestly 
brother as the main character.

What about a script for a Vorkosigan Christmas ('scuse me, Winterfair) 
mini-series, with JJ Abrahms producing and directing?

This is a variation on the casting thread, except the question is, who 
would we like to see produce and/or direct a Miles movie.  (Living or 

I propose Ang Lee.

Mark Allums

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