[LMB] Jump drives

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Apr 1 20:45:08 BST 2009

Fred wrote:
> While I don't have the reference right here in front of me, I recall
> that in The Mote in God's Eye, even the Moties suffer from
> disorientation when a "jump" happens. Some description including
> things like "ennui", "death-wish" or similar. So it's not merely
> humans who suffer.
I suspect more authors have no particular effects of FTL than have 
effects, but I wouldn't want to guess about whether this is the majority 
of authors of jump travel.

David Drake has a series that are very similar to Patrick O'Brian's 
fiction, complete with barefoot sailors and restagings of historical sea 
conflicts.   In it, the spaceships traveling FTL (in separate space), 
are subject to ghosts and such - which don't impact the story lines.

I suppose it depends on what story the author has to tell, and what 
moods the author wants to set.

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