[LMB] OT: AKICIF:Need new anti-virus program

Keith Wells dkwells66 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 21:57:04 BST 2009

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> Subject: [LMB] OT: AKICIF:Need new anti-virus program
> Hi all!
> Grisoft is discontinuing support for AVG 7.5 Free and I've heard
> bad things about version 8.
> Does anybody have a recommendation for a good anti-virus
> program that will play nice with the Zonealarm firewall,
> Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D?
> Thanks,
> Sasha

I've never used AVG, so I can't say anything about it per se, but I do get
reports from customers who download a software my employer provides.  We are
very virus conscious here, and some people with AVG report our downloads
come in with trojans.  So, it might be a bit overprotective.

My personal recommendation is AntiVir.  I set it up to do a nightly
definition update and full computer scan.  It even shuts my computer down
for me afterwards.  The basic edition is free, and that's what I use.  But I
also don't download tones of files at home.

Keith Wells

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